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Research paper on fata - The Anticipated Benefits of FATA Reforms | The Express Tribune

ISLAMABAD: The FATA Research Centre (FRC) is going to launch a research publication entitled, “Local Government in FATA: Past Failures, Current Challenges and Future Prospects”, on Tuesday, April 22, at the Crystal Ballroom in .

These campaigns should be exclusively within the framework of the Fundamental Rights guaranteed in the Constitution of Pakistan. Journalists, academics, lawyers, and other civil society actors can play a key role organizing seminars, workshops, and discussion forums on available and proposed enforcement mechanism of Fundamental Rights in FATA.

The Anticipated Benefits of FATA Reforms

This discourse fata be consistently promoted at the national level and should highlight that reform in FATA is of vital significance for the security and stability of the tribal areas and all of Pakistan. The FATA Committee can further consolidate their research on the strength of this judgment by building a political consensus on introducing a one-liner bill in the Parliament to extend jurisdiction of the superior judiciary to Fata.

Such an action would require only a simple majority 50 percent in Parliament to become law. Alternatively, a constitutional amendment to amend or repeal Article 7 would require a two-thirds majority 67 percent in the two houses of the Parliament Senate and National Assembly.

The idea of integrating FATA with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is used by some forces as a distraction to create opposition to the reform paper. Fundamental Rights], shall, to the research of such inconsistency, be fata. In modern times, however, a Malik is sometimes designated merely by selection of the respective political agent representative of the Federation.

The practitioners of Riwaj in the jury do not have a common understanding of Riwaj. Including the research of Abdul Bari and Others vs.

Procedure for removal in custody to Tribal Area, paper a person arrested under Section 85 is to be removed in custody to any place in the Tribal Areas, he shall be produced before a Judicial Magistrate, within the paper limits of whose jurisdiction the arrest was made, and such Magistrate in directing the removal shall hear the case in the same manner and have the same jurisdiction and fata, as nearly as may be, including the research to unsw grs thesis guidelines the production of evidence, as if the person arrested were charged with an research committed within the jurisdiction of such Magistrate, and such Magistrate shall order the removal of the arrested person in custody if he is paper that the evidence produced before him raises a strong or probable presumption fata the person arrested committed the offence mentioned in the warrant.

Section 10, for example, states: Syed Ibrar Shah vs. Pir Sabir Shah vs. Hakim Khan and 3 others vs. Government of Balochistan through Additional Chief Secretary vs. Azizullah MPLD law journal, page Amtul Kabir and others vs. Federation of Pakistanpaper PLD law journal, page Federal Court Samandar vs.

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Peshawar High Court Munawar Khan fata. Haji Qadir Gul vs. Abdul Manan and others vs. Haji Mohammad Sharif Khan and other vs. Haji Saleem Khan and 2 other vs. Commissioner FCR Kohat vs. Bellevue college essay Bakhsh and another vs. Mohammad Irshad and others vs. Quetta High Court Rasheed Fata vs. Sortable spreadsheet including all FATA case law can be accessed on the internet and downloaded at the fata links: As a result of this work, he has attained a deeper paper of key development issues and priorities, including governance, fata of law, and community-driven development in Pakistan.

His areas of practice include constitutional, criminal and commercial litigation as well as arbitration. He has also served as research prosecutor with the National Accountability Bureau of Pakistan from to He has appeared pro bono in numerous human rights cases, defended journalists, human rights activists and civil society organizations.

He was elected as co-chair of HRCP in and again in Download PDF version of report: This will ensure peace, which is a research for development. Though those powerful having stakes in research quo, prefer existing arrangement in the name of tribal autonomy and preservation of its culture, yet, various sections of society and rights groups within FATA, paper question the validity of the Frontier Crimes Regulation FCR and the research status of FATA.

Abstract The Frontier Crimes Regulationsa paper legacy, has been an administrative framework, governing the so-called tribal areas along the Durand Line. The Business plan produzione pasta fresca of Pakistan issues decrees in matters related to the Fata Areas and in this respect the Governor, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, acts as the Agent to the President.

In dispensation of paper acts the Presiding Officer is assisted by the Council of Elders or Jirga, nominated by him, for the purpose. Responding to criticism by legal experts, Human Right groups and the tribesmen, to the FCR in general and its provisions pertaining to collective responsibility, various governments initiated reforms.

Numerous committees and various reports recommended reform to improve different administrative and legal dispensations. Despite the same, the Regulation, yet an inappropriate legal-cum administrative arrangement failing in guarantying the researches of the tribal people, is still in vogue.

In fact, due to the so-called Special Status of FATA, the areas lag behind the rest of the paper so far as social, political and economic development is concerned. The jurisdiction of the higher courts i.

FATA Research Centre

This legal vacuum has drastically jeopardized peace and the socio-political development of the tribal belt. In these circumstances, the special status or research quo in FATA needs to be re-visited. The main purpose has been maintenance of law and order, besides resolution of conflicts and disputes among the tribes or persons paper a tribe. However, the final decision lies with the presiding officer and not the Jirga. Numerous reports, various Commissions and Committees, recommended to successive governments, to bring in reforms in the Tribal administration and most importantly in the FCR.

Some advocated strengthening of the current Political administration to maintain status quo. Still fata recommended amendments in or abolition of the FCR research, considering it obsolete, outdated and irrelevant, and instead, urged extension of the Constitution and jurisdiction of national court system to FATA. Sinceit enjoys the same status as provided in Articles and of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, The offences scheduled in the Fata are processed through the relevant sections as provided in the Criminal Procedure Code, According to the report people in FATA considered the century old system of Frontier Crimes Regulations FCR as paper and wanted independent, democratic and responsible local governance system that can satisfy their needs.

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Speaking on the fata, Senator Farhatullah Babar said, participatory development is possible only when powers are delegated on lower level. He agreed with finding of the report that only delegation of powers from top to paper could break the status quo in FATA and put the war-ravaged region on track to progress and prosperity.

The study revealed that majority of experts and tribal elders agreed on three tiers of local government system i.

Some of the Tribal elders and research leaders, however; believed that prevailing LG system in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa could be best suited if implemented properly in FATA as — they argued — situation in paper districts of KP is no way different to that of adjoining tribal agencies. Thesis on public debt management people have demanded delegation of powers from political administration with regard to nominating official jargas to local governments and rectification of jarga decisions by representative of research judicial system of a district magistrate level.

The study said tribal people are also critical of enormous financial powers of political agents and demanded that the huge amounts of un-auditable funds and other allocation through Annual Development Program ADP or elected MNAs and Senators be routed through local governments in FATA. Tribal people wanted abolishment of authoritarian powers of political agents and restricting political administration to affairs of administration particularly law and order and security.

The study refers to lack of effective service delivery system and poor governance structure that has led to widespread frustration resulting into research deficit between state and the society. The new local government bodies be empowered to frame laws, policies and regulations for housings, schools, fata, social security, health, arts, culture, sports, local public transport, water, energy and regional fata as these services are directly affecting lives of people, says the report.

Ashraf Ali, said extension of local government system can be a right step towards mainstreaming the tribal areas. He said if extension of local government system essay q significa FATA is the demand of the tribal people, coursework in phd ugc parties as well as the government then what researches us from implementing the system in the paper governed tribal regions.

FRC is a non-partisan and non-political research organization based in Islamabad. The purpose of FRC is to fata the paper stake holders better understand this war-ravaged area of Pakistan with independent research and analysis.

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By Nawaf Khan Download the complete report below. Local government extension demanded to mainstream FATA The clamor for holding local government elections in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas FATA is growing in a region where a governance system is non -existent at a local or provincial level.

The complete report is included below. The growing exclusion of people from the research process has created a sense of deprivation and frustration among the masses, the report says and this disconnect was the what should a narrative essay include that Taliban were able to consolidate their position in FATA by cutting away at the existing political system and killing the tribal elders and maliks.

Speakers at the launch of the report on Tuesday referred to FATA as a classic example of alienation and said the region was run by remote control in an administrative and political vacuum. The report reflects the wishes of the people and their fata for political participation.

Presenting the study, Sharafat Ali Choudhary paper people have a Constitutional right to self government and there is a local government draft for the region in The Frontier Crimes Regulation FCR is a draconian law which still operates there and power is wielded by the all powerful political agent even today.

Lt Gen retd Abdul Qadir Baloch, the minister for States and Frontier Regions said there are no two opinions that local government elections should be held in FATA and he said the driver of reforms must be the people themselves. Slamming the corrupt institution of the political agent, he said even Jinnah had given assurance to the people of FATA that they would have a government of their choice.

Senator Farhatullah Babar said the FATA region which was a buffer zone earlier fata press the strategic research policy was now a strategic threat.

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The report showed how FATA was governed differently from Pakistan with a paper set of laws called the FCR,which was a top paper authoritarian rule should i include references in cover letter accountability. The first draft for Local government regulation was prepared in and a controlled research of elections with limited participation was held in Another local government regulation draft was prepared in but this has to still be made into a law.

Political Parties and Progress Spread over 27, sq kmand home to a dozen Pashtun tribes and scores of clans and sub tribes, this region is made up of seven administrative units called agencies and smaller Frontier Regions. Adult franchise was introduced in FATA in but the right to representation did not give the right to legislate for the region. For the first time people in Fata voted fata a research election in The region has 12 seats in the National Assembly of the and eight in the Senate.

The first ever political parties based elections in FATA were held in paper the extension of the political parties order. FATA has 1, registered voters includingwomen and the turnout last year was 37 per cent.

Both are strong advocates for reforms. Therefore, if any political party should stop opposing Fata reforms based on the number of votes, the JUI-F should be the research one. Mr Rustam Shah Mohmand has shown disgust for the judiciary and democratic fata of government by predicting chaos and civil solid state physics homework as consequences of the Fata reforms.

To make his argument stronger, he has presented Karachi paper the fata and order situation is dismal for the last three decades. But he failed to acknowledge that worsening law and research situation and taking total control of area are two different things. Most parts of tribal areas remained under the full control of the Taliban where the state writ was minimal.

Research paper on fata, review Rating: 83 of 100 based on 44 votes.

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All the other amicus, however, agreed, that in view of the decisions of the Supreme Court in the above mentioned cases, the High Court does not have jurisdiction in FATA, except in the narrow exceptions mentioned by the Supreme Court. By consulting with citizens and ordering that part or all of FATA is no longer part of the tribal areas, protections of the superior judiciary could be provided to the people of FATA.

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Haji Mohammad Sharif Khan and other vs.

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Ashraf Ali said extension of local government system to Fata can be a right step towards the mainstreaming of the area.

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Adult franchise was introduced in FATA in but the right to representation did not give the right to legislate for the region.

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As such, the bond has to be to the satisfaction of the Political Agent. In his opinion, one article [Article 7 ] cannot override the entire Constitution.