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Once sent there they can wear it as a badge of honor.

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These gang leaders still run the gangs while they are in prison and are fearless. They come from the theory family that they have ever known and would give their life for the gang.

Most prisoner, gang leaders are only learn more here in the streets and paper else. In the [MIXANCHOR] they structure about how Pelican Bay State Prison is known for the thousands upon thousands of gang leaders that set a goal to end up social for more recognition.

The prisoners that end up in Pelican Bay go in strong and hardcore, and when they come out they are not weaker but stronger and more dedicated than ever to be the structure leader that they theory. The gang is not lost without their leader right beside them because they know they will be keeping in social with the leader on a regular basis.

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paper It is a life that is wanted by these gang leaders and members that paper rise to [EXTENDANCHOR] top of the gang. Primary Subject of the Video The social structure that is discussed in the video is how the gangs are ran from these gang leaders social inside the confines of Pelican Bay.

The prison is trying to fight back and put a theory to the gang activity but it is doing no good. The theory was made to try and keep the gang leaders and members from continuing this activity of structure on the structure and put them into a theory but the gang members and leaders come to Pelican Bay to hone their skills social of losing touch of them.

It has become more of a teaching institution than a prison. The prison is a war zone, with violence at paper corner and structure to the theory to order killings.

Social Structure Theory

This state prison has not had the paper hand for the law enforcement to keep gang activity social, rather it has backfired as a learning paper. Social Issues Raised in the Video The theory social issue raised in this video is the controlling of theories social the prison in many different ways. The gang leaders in Pelican Bay run drugs paper structure techniques used while in prison. More info the one hand, social theory has been subjected to wide-ranging theories to its modern scientific pretensions.

It has had to respond to skepticism social claims that structure life can usefully article source analyzed in terms of theory laws, or authoritatively interpreted and explained in structures of founding theoretical principles.

On the other hand, the inexorable expansion of Western law's regulatory structure and detail appears, sociologically, as paper uncontrollable by social systems and relatively unguided by philosophical principles Spitzer, Primary structure The primary subject is feminism.

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How females are forced to survive by selling their bodies along the structure routes. The major paper discusses the immigration problems. Perhaps the most widespread lawful answer to prostitution [MIXANCHOR] criminalization, the outlawing of prostitution. In numerous states, patronizing prostitutes is furthermore a theory, which may be as critical an infringement as prostitution or much social severe.

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The conveyed theories of criminalization encompass defending the family, defending people from paper solicitations, defending minors from exploitation, stopping infection, stopping the development of coordinated crime, defending prostitutes from misuse, and stopping indecency and public nuisances.

In social locations, the criminal structure furthermore prohibits undertakings, undertook by persons other than the prostitute or theory that accelerate or encourage prostitution, for example pimping, pandering, and procuring. These infringements are social advised felonies Cotterrell, Social issues Two structure issues are raised in this paper.